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explicit365824 artist:tjpones3283 aria blaze10131 sonata dusk13960 equestria girls209781 arse-ia blaze311 ass51622 assisted exposure1841 belly button82455 breasts292917 busty aria blaze1148 busty sonata dusk1821 butt81585 chalkboard2971 clothes482583 exhibitionism9442 female1418341 hand on hip7773 hot dog nipples16 looking at you178509 looking back61098 looking back at you16413 looking over shoulder3966 nipples178232 nudity387041 partial nudity21665 pubic hair8108 public nudity3411 skirt41680 skirt lift4861 smiling266666 stupid sexy aria blaze202 stupid sexy sonata dusk318 topless14378 unamused16995 vulva134666


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Philomena Contributor
The group you drew as an aldehyde has an oxygen on the end where there should be a hydrogen. Also, the aldehyde carbon is usually (always?) bonded in a trigonal planar configuration.  
I suppose the ketone is technically correct, but the most common denotation is R(C=O)R’. Writing it as C(C=O)C without any bonds sticking out implies that the molecule ends there, which as far as I know doesn’t happen. Like the aldehyde, the ketone carbon also has a trigonal planar configuration.  
Background Pony #3B65
The aldehyde is a terminal carbon, so one bond is to R, the rest of the molecule (usually connected by another carbon), two bonds to the oxygen, and the fourth bond is to hydrogen. R-COO would be a negatively charged carboxylate group. The ketone is basically right as far as I can tell, although the oxygen looks off-center due to the angle of the wall.
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When she’s the highlight for the gesticulating bimbo fanatics and for her it’s the wrong kind of attention.
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Aria: I told you, I will show them my ass!  
Sonata: Come on, I wanted to show them! Besides look at those bootycheeks!  
Aria: Sonata. Let go of my skirt. I’m just going to yank it off anyway.  
Sonata: And after that?  
Aria: … I was going to twerk, you got a problem with that?