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suggestive131085 artist:baron engel1834 apple bloom47152 earth pony211313 anthro236747 unguligrade anthro43652 abs9724 bikini16555 bow25349 breasts249662 clothes420285 female1274355 grayscale35502 hair bow13941 loop-de-hoop185 mare433507 monochrome143890 older23887 older apple bloom1792 pencil drawing7493 simple background355148 sketch58388 smiling221444 solo993420 solo female170211 swimsuit25958 traditional art110295 white background88849


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From the source:

I believe this was final drawing from my recent drunken Picarto stream. It was of an grownup anthro Applebloom at the beach playing with Hula Hoop. Which makes sense because in the show she was pretty good with a Loopty Hoop.

This is another example of me having 30 minutes to work on the drawing during the stream, and then I finished it back home in my studio. Considering how drunk I was by then this is an okay piece.
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