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suggestive (111535)artist:jargon scott (1666)sci-twi (18471)sunset shimmer (49892)twilight sparkle (257413)equestria girls (157335)awkward (796)confused (3248)dialogue (49604)eating (7429)female (746130)food (49942)frown (19348)horrified (385)hot dog nipples (15)implied nipples (2)open mouth (102385)sandwich (1666)shocked (4676)simple background (286393)sitting (45393)smiling (180167)sundown drama (5)text (39692)too much information (43)torpedo tits (29)wat (17441)white background (70890)wide eyes (14091)


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Background Pony #BA6A
Hot dog nipples? That’s actually a hentai trope. What’s next? The nerd is into some weird shit like inflation?
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AH96's avatar
"Mine look like the tips of two uncircumcised dicks suffering a shrinkage from a temperature of -128.6 degrees fahrenheit."
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Background Pony #2D36

@Background Pony #2D36
(warning, sausage nipples)

she’s not kidding

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