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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe (1459205)artist:arctic-fox (365)oc (540375)oc only (371111)oc:pine berry (17)oc:snow pup (75)earth pony (158119)pegasus (198111)pony (724417)blushing (158193)boop (6312)colored pupils (7696)cute (154118)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2691)ear fluff (18863)eyes closed (70014)featured image (719)female (786235)fluttershy's cottage (1035)frown (20035)head tilt (884)mare (351344)nose wrinkle (2679)ocbetes (3485)reaching (322)scrunchy face (6407)sitting (47476)smiling (188588)spread wings (42074)squee (1848)surprised (7067)tail wrap (5300)underhoof (42210)wide eyes (14964)wings (55904)


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