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[Artist’s original description]

Shaded Rest the Batpony!

Gliding through the night.

Original character of @negatistic-nocturnities!
safe (1341406)artist:alts-art (93)oc (485457)oc only (346035)oc:shaded rest (2)bat pony (32589)bat pony oc (8293)bat wings (2257)colored sketch (2009)lidded eyes (15958)looking at you (109682)male (230576)orange background (397)pony (607669)ponytail (11667)signature (13368)simple background (268164)sketch (50290)smiling (167239)smirk (8456)solo (826168)spread wings (37750)stallion (63710)unshorn fetlocks (17067)watercolor painting (2138)wing claws (193)wings (43604)


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