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Finally drew these guys. Will hopefully be a print at this year's Everfree Northwest.
safe1585721 artist:talonsofwater87 gallus5899 ocellus4606 sandbar4698 silverstream5350 smolder6728 yona4513 changedling7353 changeling40786 classical hippogriff4496 dragon48505 earth pony203682 griffon25050 hippogriff8416 pony853867 yak3905 season 8807 :33942 :p7324 colored pupils8851 cross-eyed697 cute179985 dappled sunlight290 diaocelles950 diastreamies1121 dragoness6833 featured image786 female931105 gallabetes801 grass8308 hooves to the chest452 looking up14138 lying down9627 male308622 on back22439 open mouth124274 park908 sandabetes618 sideways glance410 smiling217569 smolderbetes1057 stallion94026 student six1437 tongue out91362 yonadorable704


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