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safe (1393218)artist:talonsoficeandfire (86)gallus (4095)ocellus (3197)sandbar (3483)silverstream (3813)smolder (4440)yona (3369)season 8 (769):3 (3402)changedling (5319)changeling (30924)classical hippogriff (3550)colored pupils (7352)cross-eyed (598)cute (141797)diaocelles (250)diastreamies (352)dragon (34442)dragoness (4871)earth pony (138368)gallabetes (230)grass (6622)griffon (20482)hippogriff (6243)looking up (11139)on back (19521)open mouth (100386):p (5608)pony (659391)sandabetes (282)sideways glance (320)smiling (176074)smolderbetes (307)student six (1077)tongue out (73134)yak (2826)yonadorable (292)


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