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Finally drew these guys. Will hopefully be a print at this year’s Everfree Northwest.
safe1897981 artist:talonsofwater103 gallus7744 ocellus5895 sandbar6051 silverstream6804 smolder9273 yona5639 changedling9745 changeling55465 classical hippogriff5526 dragon66737 earth pony329759 griffon31069 hippogriff11359 pony1245581 yak5335 season 81872 :35401 :p11318 aside glance615 colored pupils11530 cross-eyed938 cute225331 dappled sunlight330 diaocelles1097 diastreamies1232 dragoness10918 featured image1009 female1535149 gallabetes889 grass11804 hooves to the chest626 looking up19439 lying down28386 male434701 on back28182 open mouth183202 park1250 sandabetes744 smiling308709 smolderbetes1303 stallion138335 student six1783 tongue out121617 yonadorable833


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