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safe2175734 artist:tastyrainbow125 twilight sparkle358024 pony1604023 unicorn538577 g42030506 angry36685 blank flank9961 blushing274410 book43597 bookhorse736 bust77871 comic135503 cute265956 dialogue93095 fact117 featured image1212 female1804300 floating heart6283 frown36158 glare9055 heart76612 hoof hold12982 hug37634 lidded eyes48098 looking at you259617 madorable1094 mare742016 missing cutie mark6522 open mouth237847 simple990 simple background597047 smiling397863 solo1427153 sweet dreams fuel2052 talking to viewer5916 text89724 that pony sure does love books1364 truth1106 twi13 twiabetes15307 unicorn twilight33255 white background162099 wholesome1446


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Adan Druego

[IsoCon] 01-056-003-001
So, the age-old question, which Twilight is better, unicorn Twilight or alicorn Twilight?
The answer is however quite simple. Whether you prefer unicorn or alicorn, and whichever you feel is truly better, one thing remains the same.
Best Twilight is, in fact, Twilight. Twilight is best Twilight.  
The purplesmart bookhorse Twilight “Twiggles” “Twiley(nanas)” Sparkle is best researcher in the field of Magic Pony Princess of Friendship Things with her doctorate thesis on Extreme Panic, more commonly known as”Twilighting”.