Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 9 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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This one I spent a lot more time than i normally do, and I think you can see the results! I gave her a halo-effect on her hair, giving it an almost-ethereal glow.
The commissioner also wanted a Saloon Girl styled dress for the outfit, and I think this looks really great on her!The couch was the only part of furniture the commissioner wanted, and they wanted hoofsie anthro. I feel like all these were really good choices to make and in the end the result is very pretty!
The shading was honestly the hardest part of all of it, figuring out exactly where the shadows should start or stop, how deep in color they needed to be, it was a lot of fun work!

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suggestive (113285)artist:cadetredshirt (227)princess celestia (83765)alicorn (164090)anthro (200976)unguligrade anthro (37419)breasts (204124)choker (7251)cleavage (27366)clothes (356317)colored pupils (7539)come hither (178)corset (3456)couch (5978)dress (35089)dressup (548)evening gloves (6721)feather (4433)female (761774)gloves (14326)gradient background (9023)long gloves (3468)looking at camera (113)looking at you (120754)lying down (7867)mare (336297)saloon dress (324)shoulderless (230)simple background (291365)smiling (183606)solo (877326)solo female (155010)stockings (25402)sultry (80)sultry pose (1546)thigh highs (23556)


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