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explicit337648 artist:lalalexxi108 artist:screwingwithsfm1050 rainbow dash228055 anthro249178 plantigrade anthro30541 3d71344 animated95925 barefoot26509 bitch157 breasts264664 exhibitionism8299 faic12010 feet38090 flaccid2279 futa43941 futa rainbow dash3510 gym776 impossibly large penis13172 intersex41919 it ain't gonna suck itself308 muscles11359 muscular futa165 nipples158039 nudity355260 offscreen character32462 penis146702 pov13422 public nudity3051 rainbuff dash809 smug5674 smugdash709 solo1030210 solo futa16096 sound8128 source filmmaker43691 submissive pov928 talking to viewer2431 voice acting309 voice actor663 vulgar20107 webm12148


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Wonder how many sets she had you do? At least 4. Gym staff loves that an athlete uses their facility, but they hate always cleaning all her hot mare spunk every day I'll bet. Oh well…
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@Weeping Koopa
Listening to it, the voice act is most likely Lexxi. She's done voices as Rainbow in animations like these quite a bunch of times.

And then I went to the source, and yeah, it's Lexxi.