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explicit365823 artist:lalalexxi136 artist:screwingwithsfm1116 rainbow dash240308 anthro273045 plantigrade anthro35302 3d81964 animated101894 barefoot28864 bitch175 breasts292916 exhibitionism9442 faic12653 feet42128 flaccid2523 futa48023 futa rainbow dash3778 gym902 impossibly large penis14694 intersex45800 it ain't gonna suck itself327 looking at you178508 muscles13065 muscular futa222 nipples178232 nudity387040 offscreen character36344 penis161198 pov14658 public nudity3411 rainbuff dash886 screwingwithsfm's rainbow dash278 smug6375 smugdash745 solo1108323 solo futa17133 sound9830 source filmmaker49257 submissive pov1015 talking to viewer3015 voice acting560 voice actor846 vulgar21394 webm14821


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Wonder how many sets she had you do? At least 4. Gym staff loves that an athlete uses their facility, but they hate always cleaning all her hot mare spunk every day I’ll bet. Oh well…
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@Weeping Koopa  
Listening to it, the voice act is most likely Lexxi. She’s done voices as Rainbow in animations like these quite a bunch of times.
And then I went to the source, and yeah, it’s Lexxi.