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full - Want to see real night? =3
full - I AM real night! >_<
Yep, As we know a lot of time Luna spends alone so I think talking with herself is usual think for her)  
But what is more importantly - she is an Alicorn, and as any powerful creature sometimes she can have thoughts like “what if I can do more?”  
And here is best time for your dark side)
But I am sure, she can resist)  
*Cuz she is powerful little pony and she don’t need any help
Just more random thoughts^^  
*Full second version here
safe1755102 artist:yakovlev-vad511 nightmare moon17250 princess luna100934 alicorn233596 pony1014995 :<1086 angry28172 blue background5568 boop7612 broken english145 cheek fluff5978 chest fluff41427 constellation795 crown18031 cute206227 duality4384 ear fluff31430 engrish1589 ethereal mane8512 eye contact6625 female1405822 floppy ears54766 frown23646 glare8306 gradient background13482 grin41234 grumpy2613 helmet11274 hoof fluff2009 jewelry68770 leg fluff3214 lidded eyes31907 looking at each other21562 lunabetes3642 mare504183 nose wrinkle3079 noseboop2924 pouting2022 regalia21240 s1 luna7420 scrunchy face7265 self ponidox8363 simple background410564 smiling262503 smirk13082 smug6298 spread wings57296 starry mane4580 temptation98 wing fluff1708 wings123902


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Background Pony #AFE5
My fresh opinion on Nightmare Moon: her helmet makes her look bald. Which is, in fact, the main reason princess Luna had to be cured of her madness! I would’ve been OK with eternal night, but that helmet was the true nightmare.
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average nmm enjoyer
How should I go about telling this artist the world would very much like to see them produce solo pics of Nightmare Moon?