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safe1750800 alternate version49834 artist:alts-art159 oc712090 oc only465560 oc:empress7 alicorn232931 bat pony52186 bat pony alicorn2202 monster pony3622 pony1010754 alicorn oc27630 amulet1334 bat pony oc18867 colored sketch2951 crescent moon1924 curved horn7183 empress112 fangs26696 flower26709 flower in hair8075 gray background7683 hoof shoes5774 horn77655 jewelry68334 long tail2400 looking at you175732 moon24107 signature26941 simple background409218 sitting65599 sketch64556 solo1094518 throne3237 traditional art120268 watercolor painting2795


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Really love this was an amazing drawing! My first thought was this reminded me a lot of the Japanese Liliana that just came out in the War of the Spark MTG set. Yoshitaka Amano vibe fore sure.