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Artist’s Description:

full-size images, psd and other things are now available for everyone!

you can download them using this link:…
safe (1460725)artist:mirroredsea (441)apple bloom (44415)earth pony (158701)pony (725979)adorabloom (2040)apple (13329)blank flank (6360)bow (20199)c: (1118)claw machine (65)confused (3485)crane game (37)cute (154385)event horizon of cuteness (16)featured image (720)female (787890)filly (52545)food (53173)green apple (19)hair bow (10855)holding a pony (2259)looking down (5641)no pupils (2838):o (3055)open mouth (107717)smiling (188859)solo (895768)


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@Yet One More Idiot
I’m sure some spells can fix a pony being digested… It’s not a like a certain moon princess would know of ways to undo the gobbling up of fillies around this time of year…

I’m not sure exactly what you meant to say with ’com’, but from the context alone it’s Suggestive, so needed spoilering, and your comment was really close to outright deletion.
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