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safe (1431444)artist:spectrumnightyt (127)apple bloom (43664)scootaloo (46553)sweetie belle (43859)oc (526340)oc:apple dance (8)oc:beauty spirit (2)oc:speed stroke (2)earth pony (148920)pegasus (188730)pony (700036)unicorn (204224)bandaid (1336)base used (10599)cutie mark crusaders (16256)female (762050)filly (50663)flying (30028)high res (17265)offspring (28819)older (18636)parent:apple bloom (547)parent:button mash (249)parent:rumble (224)parent:scootaloo (667)parents:rumbloo (153)parents:sweetiemash (226)parents:tenderbloom (142)parent:sweetie belle (476)parent:tender taps (152)scootaloo can fly (594)


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As sweetie belle along with scootaloo and apple bloom wonder about the foals they had when the foals themselves would become the next generation CMC.
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