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A discarded design for the card pack, which is supposed to have 25 characters in total. I decided to replace alternate dawn with little aj, because there is already a rule 63 twilight sparkle in the card pack, and 2 stallions that looks like Twilight is going to confuse many people…
Alternate dawn was a fighter character. He can voyeur look at his oppenents' hand and get rid of their defensive cards before attacking, exposing them to further attacks from allies.
Original description:
魔法 出牌阶段,你可以将本回合内的性别改为“女”
卡片 出牌阶段限一次,你可以交给一名攻击范围内的异性角色2张牌并观看其手牌,弃置其中的2张,然后视为对其使用了一张计入次数的“杀”
safe1553109 artist:apple rogar11 derpibooru exclusive23761 oc592496 oc only403665 oc:alternate dawn165 pony824990 unicorn256452 alchemy119 book30095 clipboard1057 clothes399993 commission49715 element of magic1822 elements of harmony2323 jewelry48890 lab coat1978 lantern1351 legends of the three kingdoms18 looking at you140237 magic64376 male298520 multicolored hair4268 necklace14703 offspring33400 parent:twilight sparkle7088 parent:unnamed oc368 parents:canon x oc1777 potion1753 simple background336985 solo957758 stallion90174 telekinesis24015 wallpaper17563 yellow eyes1355


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