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When Mane-iac suggests "something kinky with toys", you'd better expect her to at least be intending to use her villainous technology to swap your below the belt area with hers so she can give it to your brand new mare parts with your own dick >:D

Part 1 (Safe)
Part 2 (You are here)
Part 3 (Questionable)
Part 4 (Safe)
explicit356060 artist:badumsquish1988 derpibooru exclusive28811 mane-iac1639 human156883 pony988722 reverse satyr26 satyr4914 bedroom eyes60365 blushing201204 cuntboy466 futa46545 futa on cuntboy79 human on pony action10614 intersex44425 interspecies23238 looking at you172363 missionary position4222 offscreen character35002 partial body swap72 penetration59700 pov14292 sex123527 show accurate16150 show accurate porn7188 vaginal40243 vaginal secretions40373 wanna trade?23


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
It gets better. Who'd have thunk those parts would still work? :D

@Моцна п'яны

@Nittany Discord
I'd assume she can basically whip up a machine to do anything XD

@Background Pony #B1D7

She traded his lower half with her's for some particularly kinky sex :D

They're tricky to control though :P

@Free Current

Regular? :P

@Data Expunged
@Nittany Discord
@Background Pony #2EF3
I just sort of throw concepts at the wall and, win or lose, see what sticks :P