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Fuck you guys
Background Pony #C75D
I like how it looks like Rarity is about to join them.
The only one who canonically WANTED romance but it turned out badly every time so far, the only "miserable" single
Jonny Manz
Wallet After Summer Sale -

I am who I am
I still feel like those pairings in A Matter of Principals were significant — and I couldn't stop shipping Gallstream at this point if I tried.

Changeling Guard-Consort
While the chosen “couples” weren’t my favorites, I was also disappointed by the general lack of shipping.

My own personal paradox.

Because a casual invite to a barely romantic social event is the same as a wedding ring.

Birb Pones ftw
@Jonny Manz
Smolder asked Gallus to go so technically that's the correct ship. Gallstream will never be canon. They've shared one hug and they're more like brother sister.
Jonny Manz
Wallet After Summer Sale -

I am who I am
@Dirty Bit
Yeah, it was pretty clearly joking.

Honestly, that's my biggest complaint about the episode — the lack of Gallstream stuff (obviously, an entirely personal thing, as shipping tends to be).

At least Yonabar is a ship I can get behind.