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Whew, last of the blushes done. So much shipping fuel, wonder if they’ll make it go on the whole season?
safe (1427911)screencap (174421)sandbar (3782)yona (3669)earth pony (147905)pony (695379)yak (3110)she's all yak (966)spoiler:s09e07 (961)animated (84666)blushing (153669)bowtie (7261)cloven hooves (7328)cute (148270)female (759003)gif (23924)hoof popping (16)hug (22610)interspecies (18620)male (257648)shipping (164299)shooting star (720)smiling (182943)straight (109383)teenager (3189)yonabar (154)

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@Flaming Frets
Nah i have a theory… Grandpear is william shatner right? I propose he is none other than captain James.T.Kirk, my reasoning is that this happens during star trek generations as kirk is still in the nexus after his short time on the enterprise B… He lives a whole life in a diferent world in a diferent body, he gets married and has kids and becomes a pear farmer and takes the name "grandpear" he has a shuttlecraft in the barn and the classic enterprise in orbit, after bright mac and pear butter get married he gives them the shuttle and the enterprise orbital data for docking, after they board the ship they take her on her first warp flight since coming to equestria and thats the shooting star, the enterprise at low warp streaking by for navigational recalibration
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