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safe (1411749)screencap (170415)applejack (146073)berry blend (290)berry bliss (290)bifröst (83)citrine spark (244)citrus bit (20)clever musings (107)fire quacker (244)fluttershy (182027)golden crust (83)goldy wings (44)lemon crumble (34)loganberry (68)midnight snack (character) (97)november rain (378)peppermint goldylinks (286)pinkie pie (187180)rainbow dash (201765)rarity (155859)sandbar (3619)spike (67291)summer breeze (153)twilight sparkle (257259)violet twirl (81)water spout (11)yona (3522)she's all yak (948)spoiler:s09e07 (945)alicorn (159604)background pony (7246)colt (11005)crowd (778)dancing (6749)dj scales and tail (32)dragon (36270)dragon costume (196)earth pony (143207)eyeshadow (10183)female (745288)filly (49394)foal (12218)friendship student (1027)makeup (13697)male (252636)mane six (25911)mare (326722)microphone (3831)pegasus (182966)pony (676730)stallion (71078)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (100135)unicorn (197011)winged spike (5112)

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