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Mane-iac deciding GMHAA owes her a snuggle tax because he wears her colors without permission :P

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Part 2 (Explicit)
Part 3 (Questionable)
Part 4 (Safe)
safe1706467 artist:badumsquish1966 derpibooru exclusive28388 mane-iac1630 oc684684 oc:generic messy hair anime anon298 human154689 pony967606 cuddling8386 duo61345 ear scratch225 female1363130 happy31231 looking at you168661 offscreen character34154 on back24389 petting1888 pov14004 prehensile hair23 prehensile mane284 prone25521 relaxed305 show accurate15512 smiling248494 snuggling6539


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And (Younger) Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho really didn't want to do any harm, he simply wanted to face a human who was strong enough to kill him in his 100% form so he could go to Hell (it was changed to Limbo in the anime's English dub, but it was Hell in every other version of the same scene).
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I like the idea of villains not necessarily wanting villainous stuff. Like she wants to conquer the city and destroy the Power Ponies, sure, but she also wants snuggles and to have her hair done. Like when Megabyte on Reboot crashed Enzo's birthday and rocked out on stage with a big frigging guitar just because it was something he always wanted to do XD
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Life sucks
I'd totally just tell her she could move in and in return for snuggles she'd be taken very well care of.

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What if Mane-iac lets GMHAA wear her suit, and it gives GMHAA crazy hair as well?

Ooooh yes I like this idea.