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Doing a set of single, solo, mostly safe EQG vectors to refine my skill and to match characterization and give me more parts for hands and stuff.

Starting with this, yes I know his lower body looks weird, it’s supposed to, no ’normal’ guy stands like that, but a magical girly siren from another world doesn’t care about ’normal’ anyway.
safe (1428182)artist:lightningbolt (671)derpibooru exclusive (20306)equestria girls (159521)belt (3610)chains (3788)clothes (355392)disguise (3123)disguised siren (250)equestria girls-ified (7288)hands together (125)happy (23822)hoodie (10277)jeans (2406)jewelry (38985)kellin quinn (144)male (257750)necklace (12259)pants (9768)ripped jeans (96)seatbelt belt (14)shoes (24035)simple background (290532)sleeping with sirens (148)smiling (183006)solo (875396)standing (8224)svg (2924).svg available (6759)transparent background (151715)vector (66534)

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