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I interrupt the hiatus/retirement to share some photos of TSS printed edition, a top tier Patreon reward.

It’s printed on 100gsm paper with a matt laminate cover. The finished product is very impressive (not to toot my own horn, but it really looks nice).

Before it was sent to print, some work had to be done first. Mainly I had to apply various fixes, design cover, resize it all to A5 (from rather an unusual letter format), make sure the resulting empty spaces were filled with matching colours, add page numbers and finally ensure that the double page spread ( right bottom corner ) would be properly positioned.

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@Background Pony #2C8D

Copy and paste from Deviantart

"Thank you for your questions. Sadly, the comics is not for sale and the "top tier" I mentioned is no longer available (it was called "Commission VIP") :| I was able to publish a few of those high-quality prints before I left on my journey, but cheaper bulk publishing is just not possible at the moment."
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Background Pony #2C8D
How do you get this? The description says it’s a top tier reward but the highest tier on the Patreon is $5


Not only is the printed version not mentioned there but I doubt you get this for just $5
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