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Art sketched by me, lined and colored by the beautiful CarouselUnique: patreon.com/CarouselUnique
safe1586757 artist:carouselunique271 artist:jake heritagu901 oc611440 oc only412541 oc:color splash40 oc:dagger slash2 oc:glittering graffiti2 oc:golden knight4 oc:lily passion1 oc:noble lass3 oc:smooth tone8 oc:solemn heart2 oc:witching hour11 comic:aria's archives231 equestria girls181805 bubblegum1089 food61624 gum919 offspring34703 parent:aria blaze100 simple background348792 white background88234


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Expert in useless facts
I guess it makes sense. With the fact that human evolution had a difurcation that led to the development of multicolored skin and hair, the EG Universe is very different from our Earth.
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Glittering Graffiti (1974 — 1994):

Glittering Graffiti was a lonely young woman who channeled her turbulent emotions into her pursuits, from painting her graffiti art all over the streets of L.A. and the clothes she wore, to the protests she attended for human rights, to the raps and songs she wrote and sung for the world. She was discovered at the age of 12 singing at a bar where she had gone to pick up Aria from another one of her benders and by the age of 14 she had released her first of many beloved albums and mixtapes.

She started to immerse herself into as much outside the home as possible at a young age, since the Dazzlings were dealing with a rough period and let her slip through the cracks. She was often exposed to alcohol and drug culture from tending to her mother and being the one to pick her up when she was coming down, making her reluctant to ever try herself. Even though she loved her mother and her aunts, and had a relationship with her much older brother Smooth Tone and cousins Misty Breeze and Victory Belle, she was neglected and sought sources of attention elsewhere.

She was passionate, vivacious and talented — yet impulsive, naive and without the proper guidance to see that as she became more famous so quickly, she found herself around bad influences that didn’t take care of her as she deserved.

She was performing at a benefit concert to raise money for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS when she was shot and killed at the age of 20 and is widely considered one of the greatest talents the world had ever had, a bright light that was snuffed out far too soon and her memory is a source of pain for Aria.
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Lily Passion (1840 — 1912):

Lily Passion was born in a quiet village in the Netherlands, where she spent most of her early youth playing in the open fields of the land. Her and her family live an enjoyable life together, until Lily reached adulthood and her mother and aunts left with tearful goodbyes once more.

Lily and her cousin Soprano continued to live a decent life in their village, managing on their own with simple trade jobs and Soprano singing for the locals. Lily tended to the fields and flowers, loved nature most of all, and figured things would be the same forever.

However, a wave of changing political sentiment across the land stirred up trouble for Lily and her cousin. Wondering what to do, Soprano eventually suggested that they could follow their mothers footsteps and leave for a better life. Word had been spreading about the amazing opportunities America presented, and the two of them packed up and began the lengthy journey across the sea.

They arrived on Ellis Island and moved into a tenement, where Lily was able to quickly pick up on the English language. So much so, that she began teaching English to the children and even the adults that lived in the tenement with them. From this, she eventually went on to obtain a job teaching English officially while supporting her cousin’s singing career and the highs and lows that came with it.

She eventually found a loving husband and had a large, happy family with many children. She loved all of her children dearly, and was devastated when one of them died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. She doubled down on loving her children even though her age was starting to show, so her kids wanted to do something nice for their mother.

Her children gathered all of their money and paid for her to do a grand tour of Europe as a retirement gift. Lily thanked her children endlessly and in 1910 began a two year tour all over Europe, seeing all the amazing sights she’d always been interested in seeing but couldn’t until then. She arrived in England as the final leg of her tour in 1912, and to cap off her incredible journey, she had a ticket on the luxury cruise Titanic and would go see her kids after so long.

However, when the Titanic began to sink she realized she was never making it off of the boat, and spend the last hours of her life writing a letter to her children to thank them for everything they had done for her and to not worry, because though she wasn’t long for this world, she couldn’t have been happier thanks to them. With a bit of effort, she was able to hand the letter to one of the few people who managed to get on a lifeboat, who did manage to get the letter back to Lily’s children.

Smooth Tone (1928 — ????):

Smooth Tone was born in New York City, one year before the stock market crashed starting the great depression. As a result he grew up as a frightened child, scared of so many scary things in the world. His mother did her best to raise his confidence over the years, though she couldn’t do it alone. Thankfully with the help of his friends from school, and his cousin Victory Belle, he was able to start developing confidence in his teenage years and became a very sociable and outgoing man.

Growing up he loved listening to his mother sing the most and wanted to sing alongside her, practicing singing wherever he could. His talent for singing impressed everyone around him, landing him scholarships and learning at prestigious schools for singing. Upon graduation he was easily able to pick up gigs for lounge singing and more, causing him to skyrocket in popularity with everyone who came out to see him sing.

Smooth had the great fortune of having his mother in his life a time longer than most of the other kids, as Adagio had refused to leave her children with both the Great Depression and World War II happening back to back. Though the sirens moved around to keep their identities a secret, Aria was still able to keep in regular contact with Smooth and followed his incredible career, even as he started falling in love and thinking of starting a family of his own.

It wasn’t until several years after WWII that the sirens moved far away, which was a tearful goodbye for Smooth, but Aria promised to keep in touch through letters. Smooth would then go on to have a long, fantastic career with music, singing and drinking, and even started a happy family with two kids of his own.

However age finally caught up with him and he had to retire from singing and spent the next several years of his life writing the memoirs of his life. He currently resides in a Canterlot Nursing home, completely paid for by his Mother so that all of his funds can go on to his own children and their own children.
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Dagger Slash (1328-1391):

Dagger Slash was born during the coldest winter the sirens had ever experienced in Novgorod. The conditions were so harsh they feared surviving the night, especially with a child being born at the same time. This caused Aria to instill a sense of survival in Dagger from a younger age, teaching her how to hunt and to forage as soon as she could walk, and Dagger took to this like a fish to water.

Dagger loved playing in the outdoors and exploring the frozen north of her homeland, discovering new plants and animals all the time during her explorations. Soon she was exploring so much that she was discovering things about survival that even Aria didn’t know about. She was always impressed with Dagger’s attitude and creative exploration and encourage her to learn newer and better ways to hunt.

Dagger was 15 when she tried hunting a bear for the first time, thinking she was strong enough to take on the strongest predator she knew. While she ultimately succeeded in taking the bear down, the bear had managed to take her eye with a well timed slash of its claws. This didn’t seem to deter Dagger much, as she proceeded to drag her haul home with great excitement.

Even after the sirens had left, Dagger became the greatest hunter anyone in Novgorod had ever known, routinely taking down gigantic game and carrying home with her own bare hands. This made her a fair amount of coin, but she never cared much for holding on to it as she didn’t need it to survive. There were many nights where the tavern was filled with merriment from Dagger paying for everyone’s tab, singing songs of her glory for everyone to hear.

Dagger did eventually start a family and passed on everything she knew on to her children. She would begin to slow down in her old age however, and eventually the hunting and drinking caught up to her. She passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 63. When the news spread, the locals decided to immortalize her in tales to be passed down for ages as 'The Blade of Winter’.

Color Splash (1509 — 1581):

Color Splash was born after nearly a century of strife and relocation for the Dazzlings, with them siring up to nobles in Poland in the hopes of finding some temporary peace. Color Splash was a sign of their good fortunes, being born as a well tempered and mannered child even growing up. She did not ask for much and enjoyed spending time with her mother and cousin.

Her noble father had high hopes for her future, even considering the possible suitors she might have around her age. Aria always kept her father’s expectations in place however, wanting to make sure that Color got to choose her suitor, not the other way around. Not that any of that ever mattered to Color, as she was far more focused on the amazing art that surrounded her.

Art very quickly became her passion even from a young age, and though very few people were impressed with it at first she never lost her passion for it. She was extremely attached to her mother and took it very hard when her mother had to leave when she was 21. She created beautiful tapestries depicting her mother and aunts in her honor, and continued to strive to be the greatest artist she could be.

When her cousin ascended to the throne she offered to help Color’s career to flourish, but Color turned her down. She wanted people to love her art for the art, not because of the titles attached to it. As such, her art never became famous around the word, but she lived a fulfilling life creating art that she hoped her mother would one day be able to look back on and remember fondly.

She eventually, reluctantly, married and even had a child, but never had any romance in her heart and only did so out of obligation. Her life was her art, and that was enough for her. She died of old age at 72, leaving a legacy for generations to view and admire.

Witching Hour (1791 — 1851):

Witching Hour never had a chance to truly know her mother, as Aria had used her magic to convince everyone that she had died shortly after birth and left Witching in her father’s care. Aria had to leave for the safety of herself and her family, though believing her mother had died factored heavily into Witching’s life.
Witching’s father struggled deeply with debt during her childhood, with him ultimately marrying a woman who gave her two step-siblings. Witching never liked her stepmother and did her best to spend as much time as possible with her father instead. However her father was struggling to maintain a failing book store where Witching spent most of her time reading the books in the store. Though the business ultimately failed, Witching’s knowledge seemed unusually advanced for her age to everyone around her.

Witching’s home life was troubled, often jumping around from home to home, until she fell in love with a man who would become the father of her children. They declared their love by having Witching lose her virginity on her mother’s (empty) grave. She would go on to give birth to a child, but would quickly lose a second to prematurity. The loss of her second child devastated her deeply and plagued her mind with imagery until she began to put the images in her head down onto paper.

With her husband’s help, Witching Hour went on to write several stories, one of the most well known going on to be Frankenstein. Witching would then dedicate herself to her writing, penning several novels that became beloved worldwide.

After a difficult life, Witching Hour passed away at the age of 53 from what was believed to be a brain tumor, but her legacy and memory continue to live on to this day.
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Golden Knight (1008 — 1046):

Golden Knight grew up admiring the soldiers he saw out on the field and trained diligently from a young age to join their ranks. Growing up he had a fierce rivalry with his cousin Harp Note who was the same age as him and was also enlisted into the military around the same time as him. Everything seemed to come naturally to harp where Knight had to struggle for his skills, though he never hated Harp note for this.

While Harp would eventually leave the military, Knight saw being a soldier as his calling and continued to defend his country for years after. He took to all of his duties with a smile and never complained about what duties he had to perform. He even managed to find some luck in love and started a small family, though his wife knew that his duties always came first and was okay with that.

He sadly met his fate during what he assumed to be a standard escort mission that resulted in an ambush, claiming the lives of every soldier present. Noble was 38 when he passed away.

Noble Lass (1016 — 1102):

Noble Lass started off as a quiet and grumpy child who didn’t really understand why adults had to be so weird. As the youngest of the first gen of siren offspring she was often the one babied in the group and she hated it. This developed into her becoming a sass riddled teenager who fought back against all the adults who thought they knew best for her and doing whatever she wanted regardless of protests. She balked at the idea of starting a family young like her cousin Golden Dew, and instead focused on improving her homeland instead.

She often joined her cousin Harp Note for his study sessions and would often discuss the philosophies that plagued their country and how they could improve them. Sadly, people would take Harp far more seriously than they would Noble for several reasons, and it drove Noble up a wall to no end. In the end she dedicated herself to a background role in writing laws and steering the country in the right direction while Harp took center stage. She often saw this relationship as her being the puppeteer and Harp her Puppet.

She eventually married a nobleman and lived a comfortable life in her cousin’s shadow, having a family of her own but staying dedicated to her career until the end. She died of old age at 86.

Solemn Heart (1222-1290):

Solemn Heart is the third child of the ‘Holy Trinity’ alongside Holy Word and Second Lamb. Born in a small Christian community, it did not take long for Solemn to start practicing the beliefs of her fellow townsmen and her cousins. She learned to read from the Bible and believed in the teachings of the church well into her teenage years. However, ever in her early years she began to notice small inconsistencies with the teachings being presented and the way people lived their lives. Most notably, the traits she saw in her cousin Holy Word.

Solemn was only 13 when Second Lamb was burned for still believing in her mother. Solemn held a large wooden cross as both the symbol of the townsfolk’s worship and her own prayer for Lamb to have a blessing into the afterlife. The truth of the matter was that she was also aware of their parents’ penchant to cause strife amongst the townsfolk with their voices, but unlike her cousin she did not believe this contradicted with her beliefs. She never expressed these views to Holy Word, as once the woman went on a tirade there was no stopping her.

From that day forth Solemn set out to reaffirm her own beliefs and to keep an eye on her cousin, trying to keep her in line. She continued to carry the large wooden cross with her everywhere she went, which served to make the townsfolk love her for her dedicated to her faith and made for a good stick to hit Holy Word upside the head with. The older she got, the more defiant of Holy she became, and while she never outright rejected the girl as family, she was very often quick to bluntly point out Holy’s hypocrisy with her faith.

Solemn married at 22 and started a family with her husband, living a quaint life in the village. Her husband sadly passed away from the plague several years later, leaving her a widow. She remarried after Holy passed away and had several more children, before her second husband also sadly passed away from illness. She married a third and final time and had two more children before her body was no longer capable of having them. She ultimately lived to the age of 68 before passing away in her sleep.
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