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"I don’t think you grasp… the severity of the situation. Now, I lent you money and I don’t see it. Do you know what happens when I don’t see my money, Stinkin’? People will get hurt. People like you will get hurt. Do I make myself… clear?! ANSWER ME BOY!!"

The year is 1933. And it’s not an ordinary occurrence when you’re struggling with your fledgling Zap Apple Jam business during arguably the worst year of the Great Depression and end up getting funds from a notorious Gangster and Loan Shark, only for him to pull up to you a month later, pull you into his car and threatens that if you didn’t repay your debt to him in X amount of weeks, it’s curtains to you, your business and your family. That’s unfortunately the situation poor Stinkin’ Rich finds himself in at the current moment.

Said gangster in Question is yet another instance of an cross-dimensional immigrant. A Griffon Noble who fled Griffonstone following the reign of King Guto and the loss of the idol of Boreas. He would find himself sent into the human world after injuring himself and falling into a magical pool of water. Emerging into that world in the late 1900s. During his time in the Human world, and seeking to make a profit out of these creatures, he dabbles into organized crime and goes into the business of running a chain of Casinos across Canterlot, forging and counterfeiting of money and other goods and, during the prohibition, the smuggling and illegal production of alcoholic beverages. Becoming a notorious Gangster, Crime lord, and Racketeer.

If you are wondering why one of the tags reads "duesenberg model J", It’s because the ca rin this picture is supposed to be this car:
safe (1458243)artist:newman134 (44)oc (539683)unnamed oc (1351)diamond dog (3067)griffon (21952)human (133328)equestria girls (163694)1930s (20)car (4710)driving (615)duesenberg model j (1)gangster (109)hood ornament (6)humanized (89182)monochrome (136623)noir (370)rain (5136)stinkin rich (16)widescreen (96)

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