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safe1584855 artist:arifproject625 oc607900 oc:downvote509 oc:upvote162 earth pony205272 pony855200 derpibooru6849 crying40172 derpibooru ponified780 female1184688 floppy ears46485 frown21526 hair ornament250 hair over one eye8221 hoof hold7410 hooves16429 lidded eyes27137 looking up14227 mare426244 meta16103 offscreen character30102 pathetic96 ponified38408 sad22744 simple background348458 solo focus15304 teary eyes3407 text51906 vector71319 wide eyes16085


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6 comments posted

Wow, upper is a terrible coach!

You can't just say the effort is pathetic, you have to give pointers. Make your lip quiver Downy, that will help you look heart broken!

… Wait, this isn't an act is it?
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