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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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It would be hilarious and also very touching if Adagio found out she was related to Pinkie and Rarity. Or what would be REALLY dark? If Pinkie was related to Sonata and Rarity was related to Adagio.
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So this being the case does this mean that some of the rainbooms may be related to the sirens? Cause I mean…Pinkie and Adagio got similar hair and Rarity and Adagio act an awful lot alike lol

Half a percent of the people on the planet are related to Genghis Khan. After enough time has passed, genes can spread pretty far.

And given how lineage works, everyone in the world is related if you go back far enough. All family trees eventually twist back in on themselves.

We’re all, like… I don’t recall… 16th cousins? 20th cousins? At the most distant.
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When you consider that she and her sisters don’t age and it is not a good thing when people find out (see Holy Word) it would make sense to not have to many at once to take care of if you need to remove yourself from there lives.
Also you can still add more if you feel like later, not like retcons are not a thing.
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Background Pony #64B3
She has way more than her siblings so, she does really like having children compared to those two. Aria caps at nine and Sonata had four. She had twenty one in spite of the risks that came with kids in their lives.
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@Background Pony #9E1B
up until she caught the plague and became bedridden with her illness. She died from this at the age of 34.

I guess the lord wasn’t looking out for her that day. Maybe she should have thought about Cain and Abel before torching her sister.
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Yes I know, seeing as my own family has my dad having a total of 14 siblings, but I’m also trying not to kill myself with character design and bio writing, so Dagi just gets a couple per century lol
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Background Pony #1969
@Background Pony #9E1B

Victory Belle (1918-2010):

Victory Belle was born while her previous son was still serving in the military, out of a sense of loss that he was the one who had left her and not the other way around. New York was a huge, bustling up and coming city and it only made sense to Adagio to try and develop a family there.

Things seemed to be going well until the stock market crashed, plummeting everyone into economic despair. The Dazzlings were ultimately fine as they were able to use their magic to keep themselves well off, combined with their saved up wealth from over the years, but Victory grew up with the depression being a way of life. As a result Victory became one of the few children that Adagio told the truth about herself to, not wanting to move on from her daughter until she was certain Victory would be financially secure and safe.

When Victory turned 21, World War II had hit the world and she felt like there was more that she could do for her country. Despite the insistence of her Mother to stay out of it, Victory joined the war effort as a Nurse, tending to wounded soldiers and rushing medicine to them on the field and even becoming a pilot after a while, to fly medicine out to soldiers at different ports. She also performed as the star of USO shows to help bolster the war effort and became immensely popular and adored amongst the soldiers. As difficult as the war was, there was a certain romance to the experience for her.

She eventually met a well-to-do commanding officer and as she was becoming marrying age it was only reasonable that when she returned to the mainland, she agreed to marry him. She met up with her mother to share the news, and found that the Dazzlings were struggling with keeping their true identities hidden. Victory Belle wanted to help her family more than anything, and convinced the Dazzlings to let Misty Breeze and Smooth Tone live with her so that they could continue to hide in safety and they’d be able to see their kids whenever they wanted. Because of this Victory decided against her plans of trying to start a singing career and focused solely on her family.

Victory Belle ended up starting a family of her own, the eldest of her children being Cherry Jubilee and Abacus Cinch. She loved her children and cousins dearly, though the stress of raising such a large family alongside the emotional scars left by the war took a toll on her. She never let her family see the damage, wanting to be the best for them without thinking of herself.

Her highlights of her day were working at a local theater directing plays and teaching music – she was never famous yet she impacted the lives of every young actor in the city who came through for her teaching. She also loved writing letters to her old friends from her youth and whenever she was able to see Adagio. She and her family were able to take trips across the United States, including a trip (with Adagio unbeknownst to her husband and children) to Washington DC to see Misty Breeze in the Bicentennial Celebration.

Cinch grew up to become a well-off Educational Administrator who accepted a job to Canterlot to run one of the most prestigious Schools in the country, and ultimately convinced her mother, her father having passed already, to move down to live there with her. Victory was reluctant but ultimately agreed since her child’s career was more important than her own faded one. She left her job at the theater and the family moved to Canterlot, living together for several years until Victory began to get on in years and was moved into a Nursing Home where she would more properly be taken care of.

However, now that she was separated from her family her spirits became dim and she was never quite as bright as she had been when she was living with her family.
Victory Belle took comfort in the fact that her mother was at least there with her for her last years, having moved the Dazzlings there so she could tend to her Victory Belle, though the fact that her family seemed to have let her go so easily made it harder for her to fight off the inevitable. She died peacefully of old age at 92 with her Mother at her side.

Misty Breeze (1932-????):

Misty Breeze was born as a result of a marriage Adagio took with a rich man to help her out during the Great Depression. Fortunately for Misty the Great Depression seemed to be but a memory for people as she turned 7 at the start of World War II. She grew up with a lot of War Propaganda around her, and even ended up being in some of it herself due to her older sister Victory Belle. She became a famous face when she was photographed leading the kids of her town around to help the War Effort to help Victory.

Her beauty at such a young age drew attention, and by her teenage years she was being offered jobs to model for several large companies. She started off as a small-time model, but by the time she was an adult she was a full-fledged model. She was a sensational hit with people and turned heads wherever she went.

She met a wonderful young man who she quickly fell in love with and thought it was going to be the bright and passionate start of the next chapter of her life. However when she thought she would starting a family, her contract companies forced her to terminate her first child to keep her svelte figure. She ultimately agreed and continued to model for a few years, even being the Bicentennial Girl in the biggest parade in her time, but carried the guilt of that decision for several years until she could break out of her contract for a time and have a proper child with her husband.

Misty went on to have several more kids, doing some small time modeling between but began to focus more on her own artistic talents. She was an excellent photographer and even took up painting on the side. Everyone who knew her knew her as a bright and passionate young woman who brought a brilliant light to everyone in her life.

However as she grew older her mind began to decline and people began to grow concerned as she seemed to forget really important things, or start repeating actions that she had already performed. The final straw came when she wandered outside one night and had no idea where she was and was lost for several hours. They put her into a nursing home where she was eventually diagnosed with Dementia.

She now rests in the nursing home, spending each day in relative peace not fully knowing or remembering what is going on day to day or even who is visiting her. Some days are better than others, but she often gets visits from a beautiful young lady that she can’t quite remember who she is.
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