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here’s Lucina as a mermaid her tail so pretty and blue
i used this base: Digital Series Applejack Base
safe (1429619)artist:selenaede (1120)artist:user15432 (695)human (130805)mermaid (1484)equestria girls (159760)barely eqg related (383)base used (10563)clothes (355837)crossover (52990)crown (10799)equestria girls-ified (7297)equestria girls style (299)fins (577)fire emblem (333)fire emblem: awakening (153)jewelry (39094)lucina (37)mermaidized (728)mermaid princess (30)mermaid tail (143)midriff (16250)necklace (12281)nintendo (2914)regalia (12329)species swap (15775)super smash bros. (959)


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