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Cuphead: uhh, Bonnie? what’s wrong?

Bon Bon: I can’t find my gumball minions! they’ve gone missing! I haven’t seen them since this morning!

Cuphead: ooohh… I’m sure they’ll turn up eventually.

Bon Bon: Cuppy, will you help me find them? please?  

Cuphead: awww, jeez, well… alright.

Bon Bon: wonderful! let’s go!

yeah, when I saw this base I was like "well why not?" since I thought it reminded me of Cuphead and Bon Bon anyway. yeah, Bon Bon is worried her gumball minions are in danger cause they’re missing and Cuphead agreed to help to search for them. Bon Bon is lucky to have you Cups. anywho, enjoy guys.

Cuphead and Bon Bon: Studio MDHR

base from:
safe (1459205)artist:elementbases (165)artist:katierose45 (27)alicorn (170225)pony (724417)unicorn (215650)barely pony related (5400)baroness von bon bon (20)base used (11415)clothes (366202)crossover (53857)cuphead (232)cuphead (character) (91)freaking out (46)gloves (14838)long sleeves (218)long sleeve shirt (42)ponified (35579)shirt (17821)shoes (25105)shorts (10540)studio mdhr (132)


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