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Hello all, Yes I am still active and alive and yeah its been a while since i posted anything pony related on DA.

After saying I felt burned out on MLP after UK ponycon 2018 I actually have been enjoying season 9 and being doing a lot of sketching inspired buy it. Yes It may not be like my old work which was fished detailed and coloured but I think a lot of you can agree its better then no pony art at all.

I am sort of planning to do Episode sketches as the season process though I have been thinking up some new ideas for finished artwork, but I will just have too see what happens as a lot of my time is on my own work now.   

I really like how Twilight being worrying a whole lot this season though given current circumstances can you blame her? i liked this sketch so much that i added colour to it to make it pop that littler more. 

sorry for the long dry spells on my gallery since late last year  i sort  have been dropping the platform for a while because i have been focused on a lot more on original projects and right now I enjoy using Instagram and twitter to post my stuff . 
twitter@ JowyBean

However I do want to prove to the watchers of my gallery ,some new a lot old that the jowybean DA page is not dead yet one of the issues I faced was my indecisiveness on what to do with the gallery in terms of future content, I have had friends recommend I post a mixture of my fan stuff and personal work and I honestly might just start doing that so I have a back up of all my work and you all get a better understanding of what Jowybean is doing now. 

 until hopefully the next deviation laters Bronies

sketched in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom pro in 3 hours.
safe (1444619)artist:jowybean (812)spike (69430)starlight glimmer (38817)twilight sparkle (263399)alicorn (167249)dragon (39004)pony (712447)unicorn (210033)friendship is magic (2134)the point of no return (807)spoiler:s09e05 (807)and that's how equestria was unmade (14)colored wings (4202)colored wingtips (1357)crazy eyes (104)female (774193)magic (58469)male (262721)mare (344094)self dragondox (73)self ponidox (6335)this will end in timeline distortion (66)time portal (11)time travel (260)twilighting (205)twilight snapple (1766)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (103932)unicorn twilight (8438)winged spike (5783)


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its interesting to think about the implication of time travel via a sustained portal like this rather than the typical teleportation/instantaneous jump methods. Instead of the usual instance where the timeline splits at a fixed single point where the travelling occurs, creating an alternate future where the future they’re coming from becomes detached and no longer happens(unless you consider all timelines simultaneously always existing), that future is instead still connected to the timeline after the split, meaning anything can jump back and forth between the current and old timeline, and the travellers can return to their timeline rather than travelling back to the future and ending up in the new timeline’s future. Also means that any changes they make don’t effect their original timeline, rendering the time travel and anything they do in the past kinda pointless for them.

Time travel in the show is a bit fucky though, because they’ve shown it to be both linearly self-fulfilling AND branching, so it could go either way.
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