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safe (1459096)edit (103018)edited edit (2015)edited screencap (46740)editor:lolledits (26)screencap (180116)princess celestia (85013)princess luna (89287)alicorn (170196)pony (724339)the beginning of the end (1787)spoiler:s09e01 (1463)spoiler:s09e02 (1063)animated (86205)caption (14933)cookie (2986)cookie crumbs (8)cute (154106)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2691)eating (7810)eyes closed (70006)female (786142)food (53064)hnnng (2084)hoof hold (6217)hoof shoes (3130)lunabetes (2700)mare (351299)nom (2678)offscreen character (25131)silly (6544)silly pony (2696)solo focus (12898)

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Background Pony #CCBF
what is it with stuff saying "Nom Nom Nom" while they eat in the last couple of years I always keep thinking its a TF2 reference as its usually the noise Heavy makes when he eats his Sandvich?
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