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The true ending!
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safe1766612 artist:skoon933 king sombra14333 princess flurry heart7569 alicorn235561 pony1026492 unicorn349135 season 91390 the beginning of the end2202 spoiler:s09862 :p9694 a better ending for sombra12 alternate scenario330 alternate timeline3055 awesome564 baby10765 blanket5568 comic112230 cute207590 daaaaaaaaaaaw4763 dialogue68810 featured image916 female1415755 filly70671 fluffy14874 flurrybetes968 funny4265 good end569 heart50644 heart eyes17703 hnnng2492 hoofy-kicks763 how it should have ended60 looking at each other21790 male393019 nuclear cuteness6 on back25271 onomatopoeia4707 out of character986 pale color406 raspberry1050 raspberry noise346 reaching456 simple background414325 skoon is trying to murder us1 smiling265726 soft color1908 sombradorable341 speech bubble24776 spread wings57984 stallion118093 stroller135 sweet dreams fuel1683 teary eyes4520 tongue out109683 underhoof54384 weapons-grade cute3793 wingding eyes23754


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I can see a whole lot of problems caused by Discord’s plan there
Celestia: Because of you, Lulu has been really moody and down for a long time. She really didn’t take this well with how things went.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Bearded Dialogue Master
Post finale, with this scene being canon.
“Well, I thought if the plan worked for one of them, then maybe it wasn’t so bad.” Discord sipped his tea.
“That doesn’t mean it would work for, ALL OF THEM!” Celestia barked back. “Face it, you were making things up as you went along!”
“Just like the writers of the real ninth season.” Pinkie Pie rolled past the screen.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Bearded Dialogue Master
One of my oldest headcanons was that Cadance was the child of Sombra and Luna due to her calling Celestia aunt and Luna having very little memory of Cadance and Sombra from past due to being Nightmare Moon.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Great now I’m imagining Sombra trying to go all Ra’s al Ghul.  
Sombra: “Yes Shining complete your final step and My Kingdom as well as my daughter are yours.”  
Shining: “…”  
Sombra: “Why do you hesitate to except your destiny?”  
Shining: “Um you do know I’m married to her already and we’ve been ruling the Crystal Empire together for years?”  
Sombra: “…YOU WIN THIS ROUND DETECTIVE!” Turns to smoke and flies off.