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safe1704386 screencap221964 sci-twi24241 twilight sparkle300085 equestria girls200149 equestria girls series32908 i'm on a yacht787 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14131 adorasexy9747 beautiful5563 bedroom eyes59312 close-up6068 clothes458889 cute199471 dress44431 female1361207 glasses61812 lidded eyes30642 looking at you168209 neon eg logo132 ponytail17850 sexy29354 sexy egghead26 sleeveless4371 solo1062703 twiabetes11728


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EqG Obsessionist
You really want me to "do this" Twilight, aren't you?

But… Im not ready for this yet… WE… Are not ready for this yet…

I need more strenght… But for now… Wait me until that moment…

I will come… With my full power… You can be sure about that…

I will… Come…
Background Pony #8325
An to think she wasn't exhibiting
her racy side to anyone until she
met her friends.
Background Pony #DEC2
It would never work between us, my dear. But I'm sure you'll find someone.