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Princess Twilight found love in a very strange and unique place… in herself. Meeting her alternate counterpart was something new entirely, but found they shared very many things. Not everything, like their parents jobs, their brothers, and what they were doing and interested in. Sci-Twi is a scientist, a bit skiddish of Equestrian magic due to her "Midnight" Sparkle episode, and preferred to catalogue and experiment on the effect of magic on technology from her dimension.

Their daughter is also something strange. Her name is Twilight Zone, a magical and scientific child brought into the world by the two. She has chimerism and heterochromia after absorbing her twin during the early development of pregnancy. She also happens to be a bicorn, same reason.

She’s a calm, nearly mute, and when she does speak it’s in a completely flat tone. She’s not really friendly or outgoing, her brisk attitude turning most creatures away. Sometimes her voice can make what she does say turn out creepy or threatening, and it doesn’t help her voice is rough from disuse. Twilight Zone is an extremely strong magic user, using both horns to channel different types of magic, or boost the same spell.

Lemme know what you think of her!
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F*** this, let’s filter!

And wait…

Is this asexual reproduction?

Did Twilight just MITOSIS????


Too Many Twilight Sparkles!

Credit: Pinkie Pie Sensei