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Dakimakura for sale at BronyCon! I'll be posting all the ones I've done soon!

If you like any of the daki's, feel free to ask me about them! I wanna do pre-order stuff soon!

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safe1613613 artist:rileyisherehide223 octavia melody22913 earth pony215293 pony881257 beautiful5080 blushing182131 body pillow design2274 bowtie9175 butt41147 chest fluff34242 cute185898 dock45675 featureless crotch6447 female1284092 heart eyes14787 lip bite10779 looking at you152164 mare438693 obtrusive watermark4019 pale belly771 plot72993 smiling224077 solo1001727 tavibetes629 treblebutt644 underhoof47973 watermark14723 wingding eyes20123


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