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It's amazing how much insight one line can provide.

Edit: For everyone asking, the clip came from here:
safe1585862 edit119537 edited screencap57221 screencap206147 clear sky382 wind sprint501 pegasus247055 pony855994 unicorn273634 common ground969 animated92863 batman2138 benny48 daughter563 dialogue59564 emmet brickowski132 female1186486 filly59862 foal14915 good cop bad cop48 implied dead parents11 lego1810 lucy30 mare426637 metalbeard9 mother2190 mother and daughter5137 sad22756 step daughter2 step-daughter5 step-mother26 step-mother and step daughter5 stepdaughter4 text51962 the lego movie713 vitruvius14 wyldstyle79


not provided yet


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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
WHY do you care about him so much??! He's the one who left all of you for good when he got into a really bad fight with mommy!
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