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Comfy's Delicious Donut Weight Gain Drive, AKA "Comfy Plum Gets Comfortably Plump"

Part 1: >>CURRENT
Part 2: >>2035505
Part 3: >>2049519

Hi everyone! Comfy Plum is starting her new job at the donut factory, and she needs your help and support to train her stomach up for the job! Donating through Ko-fi will deliver Comfy a hearty bundle of donuts. The more she receives the happier (and heavier) she will be!

Comfy's starting weight: 152lbs
Next part: >>2035505

If you've seen Graphene or Dufel's weight gain drives before, the rules are very similar:

1 Coffee ($3) = 15lbs
5 Coffees ($15) = 75+25lbs = 100lbs

Any amount donated will earn you Comfy's unending gratitude — think of it as a bonus!
>>>>>>>>> DONATE HERE: <<<<<<<<<
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