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Aria's Archives — Shorts

Got a special treat for you all today in lieu of the normal update, some reading!

I know for a fact that, unless I cranked up production of AA 10 fold, I’ll never be able to tell every story I have in mind for this series, especially anything involving the kids and the past. So what better way to tell those tales I might not get around to drawing than to write some short stories for everyone?

It also helps get me back into writing, cause there are some unfinished stories on my FimFic I REALLY need to get back to finishing. Plus these are fun and quick to make on the side, with most of these having taken only 1 night to write each.

So enjoy and I’ll keep you all updated when I write some more~


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JC, I was all ready to beat Sonata to death right at the point Dagi got her off of her legs. Gotta take a break…
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