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Hello again everyone! I his is Mya-Chan and after finally passing my Oral exams, I'll promote you guys with another drawing of that Cutie little bat pony with her friend who has been waiting for a whole to be finished! Hope you enjoy and see you next time!
safe1599577 artist:mya-chan nina36 oc616121 oc only412343 oc:hoxton8 oc:mya-chan the vampony10 alicorn202495 griffon24741 pony868586 vampony1515 alicorn oc23129 bat wings6896 beak704 claws4623 clothes419340 colored18008 dyed mane273 eyebrows2506 eyelashes5348 griffon oc1673 horn49454 looking at each other17364 lying down11088 paws4340 peytral2864 saddle1991 scrunchie319 sharp teeth3217 simple background354124 smiling220920 socks58453 striped socks19662 tack3941 talking4740 teeth7935 title215 traditional art110130 wings84056


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