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Some more sketches done at work! this time a lot of Celly and some twilestia love. <3
suggestive165161 artist:longinius873 princess celestia102355 alicorn260738 anthro300046 alternate hairstyle32052 ass63122 big breasts99610 braid7393 breasts324122 busty princess celestia11700 butt148987 clothes533264 dock58491 female1536550 flirting1980 huge breasts46160 lineart22771 looking at you203546 looking back69340 looking back at you20728 mare578119 nudity429854 partial nudity24079 praise the sun2198 side-tie bikini487 solo1210837 solo female199453 stool1922 stupid sexy celestia1825 sunbutt4736 tail54812 tail hole1492 talking to viewer3825 the ass was fat17285 topless15243 traditional art127549 underboob4417


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Background Pony #8D83
I don’t know why I initially read that sentence with a “h” when it clearly doesn’t have one.