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70-150 points
autumn blaze x applejack
I am making ships for a lot of ponies in this episode

70-150 I do accept art but there has to be at least more than 5 points with it

if you want a commission I will post a journal about it
safe1558235 artist:chaoscy13 applejack157428 autumn blaze3204 oc595767 earth pony191797 hybrid14800 kirin6483 pony829284 autumnjack133 female882318 freckles24832 interspecies offspring6200 kirin hybrid76 lesbian91443 magical lesbian spawn10455 mare405719 next generation5958 offspring33717 parent:applejack3191 parent:autumn blaze136 parents:autumnjack31 shipping181838 simple background338915 unshorn fetlocks21741 white background85076


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