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there!! she is!!! i just finished the design for my flutterbat dakimakura B)
I'll have 2-3 available at trotcon/bronycon. they're $75USD as a pre-order perk, but will be $90USD once off preorder. aaa.
you can preorder the dakimakura here — > !! tinyurl.com/milkibeedaki
<3 ;w; 🦇🦇👀👀
safe1751303 artist:zombie288 fluttershy217307 bat pony52222 apple16763 apple core109 bat ponified2840 bedroom eyes61398 blushing204792 body pillow design2424 fangs26715 female1402585 fishnets5522 flutterbat6943 food73013 frog (hoof)13889 licking20874 licking lips4428 looking at you175792 looking back60145 looking back at you15994 plot82171 race swap14673 ripped stockings254 tongue out108336 underhoof53882


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