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Oh, you found her resting. No, she might have found you. :3
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ACA alertronic 5000
an armalite AR30A1 is my go to since .338 lapua magnum is a big round but if i needed a rifle that can fire a round with that much powder, it would probably be a 458 nitro express. ive hunted with an old barret M82 berfore since they are good for hunting from a static position
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Bumpy Beatz!
What kind of rifle are you talking about? Because most varmint rifles weigh in about 8-10 lbs.
As for other rifles chambering .32-20, 357, .44-40 and 45 colt fit in most rifles weighing in at 6.5 to 7.5 lbs.

25 lbs is hella heavy for a rifle.

ACA alertronic 5000
it wouldnt be that hard either since its hard to run with 50 pounds of gear on your back and a 25 pound bolt action rifle in your hands so she would actually catch me very easily

ACA alertronic 5000
the question still remains. Did she find us, or did we find her? I don't feel safe so I am going to throw my hat at her as a distraction while i run the other way. I didnt come out here to hunt kirin. I came to hunt deer, dove's, bears, and coyotes