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beam a light on me i am a satellite
safe1613499 artist:serafelis45 twilight sparkle287988 pony881164 unicorn284380 blank flank7231 dark4350 female1284005 forest9318 glowing horn17664 lidded eyes28179 mare438649 missing cutie mark4185 night24182 profile5739 sad23132 sitting57362 solo1001625 unicorn twilight14309


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I'm back.
""SNAP! Oh god, I'm stuck! I can't get free! I tried pulling, twisting, I tore off my own skin with my teeth and tried to chew through my bone, but I couldn't escape, and now I'm waiting. Waiting for the trappers to come, to shoot me or beat me to death. So that I can be skinned and the Storm King can sell my coat. I can hear their footsteps approaching. All I can think about is that I'll never see my friends again. All I can hope for is that they don't end up like me. AH-
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