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Either Sweetie and Scoots are very light, or Bloom’s jacked.
Edit of >>1977788.

safe2173918 artist:mn27487 color edit8954 edit172959 editor:deserter143 apple bloom60015 scootaloo58754 sweetie belle56736 earth pony446132 pony1602090 unicorn537764 g42028570 adorabloom3884 bow44656 colored24970 cute265695 cutealoo3929 cutie mark crusaders22377 diasweetes3741 female1802235 filly97346 freckles43850 hair bow25613 hip freckles250 pony pile965 shoulder freckles1555 simple background596071 smiling397280 tower of pony294 transparent background284334 trio26104


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Background Pony #8FA4
Scoots is a pegasus, and they all have hollow bones, like birds do.  
Sweetie is a unicorn and they all make up for their frail physique with their mental capabilities.  
Applebloom comes from a family who all kick down trees for a living.
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~Wants to squish yo bed~
Applebloom comes from a strong earth pony bloodline,  
Helps out at the family farm rather often,  
Is directly related to a spiritual component of pure Harmony.
I don’t think two fillies are gonna be too much of a burden on her. ^^