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Artist's description:

CMC has been requested many times, and I think it is time to give love to the 3 girls with her own drawing.
However I wanted to draw something different, clothes that they don't usually wear … literally invented clothes hehehe… you are the judges now.. I want to draw them again, but with a different theme! More details soon…
I hope you like it!! Cheers!
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dead source25100 safe1749176 artist:charliexe364 apple bloom50911 scootaloo51898 sweetie belle49705 equestria girls206725 adorabloom2933 alternate clothes1715 belly button81109 bow29931 breasts288397 camera shot1274 clothes475410 converse5844 cute205545 cutealoo2942 cutie mark crusaders19309 diasweetes2980 female1400734 grass10133 hair bow16363 legs8817 looking at you175457 midriff19813 miniskirt5047 one eye closed32451 open mouth153995 panties51442 pink underwear4334 pleated skirt4076 ribbon7259 schrödinger's pantsu411 shoes38680 skirt41030 skirt lift4814 skirtaloo161 smiling260487 socks68488 tanktop8059 thigh highs38123 thighs15041 tree33488 underwear62438 upskirt6027 wink25632 zettai ryouiki1932


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As those believe to like the panties scootaloo was showing when questions to be asked is why apple bloom and sweetie belle believe to be trying to hide their panties. As one version could have the trio trying to show their panties when another version was to be made without panties.
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Such adorable panties Scootaloo is wearing :3
Not sure why you have to hide the others' panties too. You should make two versions where all their panties are showing, and one where none of their panties are showing ;)
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The problem is; ignoring it takes away their ability to complain about art they don't like.

And if we've seen anything; it's that they don't really give a damn. If they did, they care more about the abuse of real children then trying to police artwork.

And There's also Pbooru.

Those purists or young virgin girls probably just enabled the Mature button out of ignorance, even if the artist didn't turn the Mature button on as a warning, those "little girls" would complain, here's a little word which I already whom they'll probably stupid to do, "IGNORE"

And that is why it's encouraged to move the pony arts to safer havens like Pixiv & Inkbunny. After all, DA is in California and it has a ridiculous policy called "Protecting minors", yes, you read that right, BUT… a twist, that includes fictional girls on your TV / Computer screens. Pixiv being in Japan & Inkbunny being in Europe, no problem from there.
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DA is full of hypocrisy. I've seen some artists complain about how others draw characters(even aged up) screaming about "She's 12 you sickos!!" while simultaneously putting characters as themselves in slave Leia outfits and try to argue how it's different.

The fact they don't leave people alone, but then cry when they're "harassed" for their art is mind boggling. It's like they didn't think doing that would come back to bite them.

As much as I agree as well, but that would put the artist into trouble by the Monkey Bot Admins. Even aging the CMCs to 18+ or late adult age don't change a damn thing.
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That crowd on DA will see clearly fully-adult depictions of these characters and still react the way they did, in this fandom. I've seen it happen several times, that an artist just wants to be nice to cmc fans but people who feel that nobody should ever like them bully the artist into apologizing. What they say doesn't reflect how the image actually looks.
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You are already slandering yourself; none of your audiences will mind the deviantart, there will be no bad comments as in your previous pictures.
You can safely lay out anywhere, I do not understand where you got such thoughts from.

That's okay, but you don't have to be bad about about it, it's because Devianart no longer sponsors true freedom of thought; they now believe that fictional art of girls in sexualized situations is a no-no. I was banned twice because of that,but at least, I got back after a month each. My advice: ignore those morality morons and keep doing what you like most. BTW, I just joined the Derpibooru because I'm still like your style and because i love the Equestria Girls.


P.S. There's always PIXIV
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Artist -

I'm probably going to delete this image from dA. I think there are many users who are too sensitive … and I understand them. I tried to draw these girls like the Mane 7, but apparently it did not work. So, for the moment, this pic would be here. Unless someone wants to delete it. That will be your decision. My apologies! Dx
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Great work dude. The girls look great in their new outfits 👍. I love this. Keep it up man. It's awesome.

As the CMC was that requested when those believe they wanted to draw the trio in clothing they don't normally wear when scootaloo was drawn in that short of a skirt she was to be showing her panties along with sweetie belle's.