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Hey guys^^

I wanna try out something new here and there, going back to my old comic like style and polishing it to give it a good new reboost :)

There we go! Expect some cute, comic horsies/characters which I originally drew traditionally, scanned in and coloured/edited by snoopystallion :D

Oh boy, here’s a little bit macabre one for you haha. The times when people called Rarity a marshmallow aren’t that long ago actually and we remembered it well enough to make Rares a tiny pony here, bound to a stick and getting roasted over the fire by Applejack XD Oh my, she’s gonna enjoy some candy later. Oof. You can see the disgust and yet panic in Rarity’s eyes, making her all nervous and of course feel hot because of the flames beneath her. Applejack however is calm and enjoys a sweet evening underneath the stars. She already played a few songs on her guitar just to enhance the camping mood and now the traditional marshmallow roasting is at the order, oh well. Too bad for the Fashion Mare XD

I think this one was a quite fun idea^^ However, as always my lineart had some major flaws that Snoopy fixed, luckily, such as the guitar having way too little detail as it was too small to draw on paper and AJ’s arm looking a bit odd. Nevertheless, I think it looks fine the way it is now and Snoopy did a nice job fixing it, as well as with the colouring again. The background is super sweet and wonderful to look at. I’d love to be there myself honestly, having the full moon as my companion like AJ has now. The atmosphere is kept pretty warm and yet feels like a summer night. So relaxing.

As always, I drew the traditional lineart and Snoopy added colours, effects and background to them :)

I really hope you like this next one of a mini series consisting of collabs between Snoopy and me.
Have fun with them!

Check out snoopystallion’s page for more interesting work^^ : www.deviantart.com/snoopystall…

Lupi (traditional lineart): Around 40 Minutes

Snoopy (digital colouring): Around 5 to 6 Hours

If you want to support me, make sure to check out my Patreon. Every little bit helps me to keep my work possible and is very much appreciated. Thank you^^

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