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Rendered with 5 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
19 lights used in this scene

Models used:
Front mane and tail
Back mane
Adidas tracksuit
Tank top
Upright bass
safe (1446434)artist:imafutureguitarhero (262)rarity (159427)anthro (203781)plantigrade anthro (22704)unicorn (210839)3d (52479)absurd resolution (61632)adidas (126)alternate hairstyle (21571)alternate manestyle (14)barefoot (21874)border (124)chromatic aberration (1256)clothes (362076)colored eyebrows (128)double bass (37)eyeshadow (10745)feet (30012)female (775900)film grain (173)floppy ears (41892)grin (28519)horn (27720)jacket (9040)lidded eyes (19477)long mane (2537)makeup (14454)mare (345174)miniskirt (3996)musical instrument (5963)no pants (146)nose wrinkle (2662)playing instrument (88)reflection (2511)signature (15131)simple background (295586)skirt (31989)smiling (186494)solo (887235)source filmmaker (31374)tanktop (5955)tracksuit (182)vertical (109)wet mane rarity (765)white background (73613)windswept hair (139)windswept mane (2379)windswept tail (86)


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1 comment posted
Pre-1932 US car fan
I think the double bass and cello tags might need some retagging – this is clearly a cello.

For future reference: cellos have “hips” if I may say it that way (and look much more like big violins) while basses do not have the “hips” and smooth sides. A quick Google search will show the difference.

I’m not going to be super picky on this though, if someone draws Octavia with a generic smooth-sided upright string instrument I’d put it as a cello. Only if it is CLEARLY recognizable as a bass would I tag it as such.