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Yesterday I wasn’t really feeling in the best way emotionally, so I decided to draw vent a bit according to how I felt. I published this messy painting on Twitter and I didn’t expect that so many people would like it, so I suppose why not upload it here too. Fortunately, I’m feeling better today.
safe (1429457)artist:aureai (107)oc (525271)oc:aureai (49)oc only (364274)pegasus (188107)pony (698239)chest fluff (25766)ear fluff (17826)female (760249)floppy ears (41329)flower (18414)flower in hair (5338)folded wings (3200)lidded eyes (18695)looking down (5380)mare (335383)missing cutie mark (3258)sad (20597)simple background (290867)sitting (46100)solo (876132)vent art (204)white background (72181)wing fluff (1241)wings (53043)


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