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Who’s been a naughty pony~?
A parody Colorful Equine Spanking themed art pack featuring 9 artists and 24 Unique Spanking pieces for your enjoyment including standard 2D images, 3D rendered images, comics, AND an animation!! Full of pink cheeks~!
All naughty pones deserve a good swat on the plot for their brattiness, so we’ve come to -make all deliveries in the rear ;3~!
We made one with all main images in the same folder, but also made one organized by artist for those of you who like your pics that way. You’ll get to choose.
Full Disclosure of artists and ships included in both versions below, for you guys’ convenience-
Spoilers if you wanna save the ships for a surprise, but the pack includes:
Circe, the whap-master herself, accompanied by Susan, with a DerpiLee, a Chrissy/TrixTwi short comic, and what she’s best known for, some RariNile for you longtime fans%! All anthro! (They also did the cover for us%!)  
The blissful Angelic-Doodles exhibiting some Anthro Rara for us, featuring Fancy  
Pega boi, TheWag with a BowDash piece and an Anthro CheeriMac for us~!  
Fuzzy boi Frist with a short comic of Spitfire’s Mom showing some dicipline~!  
The lood birb, Ivy Rose with a Harshy and a Starlight+Daddy piece~!  
Cinnamon bun, RavenSun with 2 LightningFire pieces for us~! SPREAD ‘EM, ROOKIE!  
Our 3D boi, Forsaken with 3 Anthro SFM pieces featuring some FlutterDash, Pie Sisters, and RariPonks~! (Includes Futa)  
The unmistakable MarsMiner with a CellyGuards piece, and a Suri P. punishment <3!  
and last but never least, FearingFun with his classic combo, TaviScratch in a stylin’ and sensual animation~!  
And once you’re done looking through, tell us what you thought! Fill out our feedback survey here!
And don’t hold back, we appreciate your honesty, and we can handle criticism. We want to make the next pack and those going forward more enjoyable and worth your while.
We hope you enjoy! And stay naughty, you bad ponies~!
suggestive162024 artist:angelic-doodles16 artist:animegirl20129 artist:circe304 artist:confetticakez899 artist:fearingfun1429 artist:forsaken760 artist:frist441392 artist:marsminer4301 artist:muddyhooves15 artist:the-wag306 cheerilee10501 derpy hooves52652 dj pon-330812 lightning dust4862 ms. harshwhinny2535 octavia melody25322 pinkie pie231163 princess celestia101425 princess luna105658 rainbow dash251130 rarity196214 spitfire14284 starlight glimmer53057 suri polomare1331 trixie72439 vinyl scratch30812 anthro295564 unguligrade anthro55083 art pack:spankapalooza16 abuse8470 advertisement10133 art pack1231 ass60647 belt7039 blue underwear2532 boyshorts543 bra18076 breasts318930 butt142781 celestiabuse143 clothes524679 cover3117 female1516348 frilly underwear4608 jewelry81600 literal butthurt391 pain2221 panties54926 panties around leg1030 panties pulled down4312 pink underwear4449 reddened butt347 regalia26076 running6671 siblings12618 sisters11275 spank dat ass23 spank mark1240 spanked339 spanking2975 streaking151 underwear67234 whip marks592 whipping304


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Background Pony #67B1
This pack has been around just as long a “Lewder for the ponies in the back”, right? How comes it’s not also free by now?