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UPDATE: The printed calendar has been finalized and is up for sale on Ebay! Click here to buy it on Ebay and also be sure to look for the Brony Thank You Fund table at any conventions this year to buy one in person. Remember, all proceeds to go support the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to fight cancer!
My first pic of the year! This is a crossover of the anime Gurren Lagann with MLPFIM that is being made for the Brony Thank You Fund 2020 calendar and will be available to purchase for charity at various cons this year!
I thought Twilight, Shining Armor, and Cadance would fit well as Simon, Kamina, and Yoko respectively cuz Simon and Kamina have a brotherly relationship much like Twily and Shining are siblings and Shining is married to Cadance just like Kamina and Yoko………oh wait. Well, I can’t really say anymore cuz it would give away spoilers but you all should seriously go watch this show cuz it’s freaking awesome!
Oh, and of course Spike as Boota because why not? :3

safe2041448 artist:aleximusprime1832 princess cadance37784 shining armor26477 spike88838 twilight sparkle340560 alicorn287161 pony1394416 clothes582071 crossover70053 female1662019 kamina105 kamina sunglasses198 male482823 shiningcadance3222 shipping236928 straight164991 tengen toppa gurren lagann452 twilight sparkle (alicorn)141882 yoko littner91


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So is twilight in the role of simon? ok so in the end is flash her love and i see the all show and the girl friend of simon pass away alter the weidding so is will be the same! so flash will pass away after the weidding!
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…So who’s Kittan in this equation?
I could see Rarity as Rossiu, Pinkie as Leeron, AJ and Dash as Jorgen and Balinbo, Fluttershy as Nia (which would make this a TwiShy story), Nightmare Moon as Lordgenome…
Someone’s probably already done this list.