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Rendered with 5 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
13 lights used in this scene

Models used:
- Body
- Head and tail
- Hair
- Wings
- Tracksuit
- Crop top
- Bandages
- Violin
- Violin bow
safe1616439 artist:imafutureguitarhero284 fluttershy203080 pegasus257558 anthro240406 plantigrade anthro29018 3d67822 absurd resolution64314 adidas151 bandage5274 bandages on wrist23 barefoot25675 belly button71258 border167 bow (instrument)653 chromatic aberration1387 clothes426324 colored eyebrows174 colored wings5226 eyes closed84139 feet36662 female1286715 film grain194 hand wraps63 jacket11374 legs7549 long hair3761 long mane3073 mare439747 midriff18518 miniskirt4837 musical instrument8598 no pants193 playing instrument159 pleated skirt3997 short shirt1411 signature20802 simple background361498 skirt37062 smiling224675 solo1004258 source filmmaker41178 standing10946 standing on one leg472 tanktop7149 tiptoe68 tracksuit215 vertical114 violin474 violin bow55 wall of tags2655 white background90402 windswept hair183 windswept mane2671 windswept tail126 wings87922 wrist wraps42


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